Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tool 3: Online Video and Image Resources

I visited several of the video hosting/streaming websites that were mentioned.  YouTube  has a plethora of videos though this means there is a lot of junk to sift through before you can find the golden ticket.

As a math teacher I often recommend Khan Academy.  The math videos are usually well done and thorough, however, the videos involving subjects outside of the mathematical world are not nearly as good.  (Sometimes downright bad.)

Copyright and Fair Use.  I must admit nothing was new to me.  I will add, however, that I plan on only using music that was created before 1923.  Public Domain!

Dropbox.  I am not signing up for Dropbox until I am able to better understand what Dropbox plans to do with the data I drop into their laps.  (Isn't it slightly disconcerting that SBISD seems so willing to say: sign up for this, sign up for that, create an account here and there?)

Two videos that might be useful resources in my classroom:

1. Sometimes my students like to doodle when they are bored.  This video gives them some doodling ideas that allows them to take a mathematical journey, too.

2. And to keep the students on their toes and thinking, there's always Schrodinger's Cat.

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